Custom Climates supplies and installs bespoke climate control and ventilation/ heat recovery equipment. We install and maintain all types of air conditioning/ heat pump technology and can advise you as to the best system for your home comfort.

Air Conditioning and heating at the touch of a button.

Custom Climates customises Climate Control and provides costs effective, energy efficient systems which deliver instant control over your environment at the touch of a button – 365 days a year. Custom Climates are Air Conditioning and climate control specialist.

  • Free site survey
  • Design solutions from a single room to a complete building<
  • One outdoor unit can operate up to as many as 12 rooms
  • Installation by qualified engineers
  • Existing system upgrades
  • 2 years workmanship warranty
  • Comprehensive service cover
  • Prompt call out service

Air Conditioning - Wall Mounted

Wall mounted air conditioning systems are ideal for residential use. They are mounted at the desired level from floor to ceiling. Available in seven power outputs, many have remote controls and a heat mode option

These units are very quiet in operation. In cases where multiple indoor units are required they can be connected to a single external condenser box.

Why do you need wall mounted

1. Can be used to cool and heat a room.

2. With temperature control sleeping in the hot summer is no longer a problem.

3. Available in seven power outputs ranging from 2.5kw up to 10KW.

4. Energy saving on heating can be up to 66% more efficient than standard electric.

5. For 1KW used, 4KW are produced.

Not enough wall space?

Where wall space is at a premium, ceiling mounted air conditioning units are an ideal option for residential premises. Units are available in 6 output powers ranging from 5KW to 15KW. Very quiet in operation, these units can be mounted directly on to the main ceiling or suspended from it at a desired height. Heating modes are available as an optional extra, the units are operated by either keypad remote controls or wall mounted control panels.

There are also many ducted units available if you like a clean finish, with many types and shapes of grills to suite your environment. These systems can widen your living space and provide climate control and air circulation throughout your home.

Air Conditioning in Conservatories

Custom Climates can help you transform your conservatory from an under-utilised, redundant room, to a cool and welcoming retreat in the spring and summer and a warm and cosy area in the autumn and winter.

The true advantage of air conditioning is that not only will it cool your conservatory during the spring and summer months, it will heat your room during autumn and winter and also provide de-humidification.

Why do Conservatories need Air Conditioning?

Prevent your conservatory from getting too hot in summer.

Heat the conservatory in the winter, more economical than electric heaters.

Add value to your property.

Air conditioning for all applications from small rooms to whole house climate control. Custom Climates gives you all advice and options to best suit your needs.

Control the environment in the conservatory independently from the rest of your home.

Custom climates is fully licenced and insured and we stand proudly behind our work, so please feel free to contact us for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION quote.

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  • Is your swimming pool not getting as hot as it use to?
  • Icing up and not defrosting?
  • Broken fan blades?
  • Swimming pool cover not keeping the heat in your pool?

Call Custom Climates and find out how we can help with your swimming pool heat pump, and energy savings!