Air Conditioning

Custom Climates are experts in designing cost effective air conditioning systems for any environment.

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Custom Climates provide a massive range of energy saving solutions to help reduce your bills and your carbon footprint!

Custom Climates provides cost effective service and maintenance plans.

Custom Climates   provide a wide choice of unit design and finishes to suit your environment.

  • Wall Mounted
  • Compact floor standing units
  • Ceiling Cassette Units
  • Ducted Systems
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation

Custom Climates  air conditioning systems provide both cooling and heating.

 We only install state of the art air conditioning for our clients using the very best in manufacturers, Daikin, Mitsubishi and Toshiba equipment. They invest in their products to provide energy efficient equipment, designed to save you money in running costs and to be reliable. Installing commercial air conditioning systems will keep you comfortable and will help in making your working environment more productive.

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Installation- Service- Maintenance

Custom Climates understands how important it is to keep your refrigeration equipment running fault free and cost effectively. We supply and install Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Cooling Equipment. From installation and commissioning to servicing and planned preventative maintenance.

Air Conditioning Cooling Equipment and installation service includes:

 • Display Cabinets

  • Ice Makers  

     • Cold stores & Freezers

  • Cellar Coolers & much more

 Please contact Custom Climates for installation or repair and we will be happy to help. 

 Air Source Heat Pumps

  • 30-50% reduction in Co2 emissions,
  • Low running costs
  • Low maintenance
  • No fuel storage tanks
  • No Gas, Flues or ventilation needed
  • Single or 3 phase supply,  
  • Suitable for offices
  • Quick installations
  • Reduced V.A.T.

Custom Climates provide an extensive range of heating technologies for your business including Air to water heat pumps. We can offer up to 80 degree flow temperatures and reliability down to -20° outside ambient, this is a great way to save money and Co2 emissions in the work place. 

Custom Climates can offer very competitive quotes on all leading manufacturers.

Custom Climates design bespoke to your needs.

Custom Climates is fully licenced and insured. 

Custom Climates use only fully trained engineers.


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Heat Recovery Ventilation

Benefits As building efficiency is improved with insulation and weather stripping, buildings are intentionally made more airtight, and consequently less well ventilated. Since all buildings require a source of fresh air, the need for Heat Recovery Ventilation has become obvious. While opening a window does provide ventilation, the building's heat and humidity will then be lost in the winter and gained in the summer, both of which are undesirable for the indoor climate and for energy efficiency, since the building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems must compensate. Heat Recovery Ventilation introduces fresh air to a building and improves climate control, whilst promoting efficient energy use.

Technology Heat Recovery Ventilation can be stand-alone devices that operate independently, or they can be built-in, or added to existing HVAC systems. For a small building in which nearly every room has an exterior wall, then the HRV device can be small and provide ventilation for a single room. A larger building would require either many small units, or a large central unit. The only requirements for the building are an air supply, either directly from an exterior wall or ducted to one, and an energy supply for air circulation, such as wind energy or electricity for a fan. When used with 'central' HVAC systems, then the system would be of the 'forced-air' type with a small coil to aid temper the incoming air and add to efficiency.

Carbon Trust

Carbon Trust:UK organisations could save £400m from efficient use of boilers! UK organisations could save over £400m a year by taking simple, low-cost actions to improve the efficiency of their hot water boilers, according to new guidance published today by the Carbon Trust.

New analysis by the Carbon Trust reveals that heating and hot water accounts for over one third of UK organisations’ energy consumption and up to 60% of the carbon emissions from some UK industrial processes, such as food production and laundering, where demand for steam or hot water is high. However, it’s possible to cut heating costs by up to 30% by implementing some simple boiler-related energy saving measures.

The guidance outlines how organisations can make immediate energy savings of 10% through better maintenance and low cost improvements, such as installing insulation and retrofitting controls.

Richard Rugg, Director, Carbon Trust Programmes, said:

"Heating water uses a huge amount of energy so if you want to cut your bill and boost your bottom line, checking your boiler is not a bad place to start. UK organisations could be saving over £400m a year by following simple,measures